Eastern Germany in Close-Up

Museum in der Kulturbrauerei
1st of October 2020 – 5th of September 2021


It is the beginning of the 1990s in eastern Germany, the phase of major transformation after the tumbling of the Berlin Wall. The 30-year-old East Berlin photographer Jürgen Hohmuth sets out to document this period of upheaval. He travels through villages and towns to record the freedoms achieved, the new consumer opportunities but also the standstill in many enterprises.

The exhibition presents these photographs of Jürgen Hohmuth for the first time. The photos are supplemented by an audio trail with recollections of the turbulent period by eastern German authors, including Peter Richter, Kathrin Schmidt and Ingo Schulze.


Voice Overs: Marianne Graffam and Peter Becker

Image © Haus der Geschichte