WAPO Berlin – Goldmädchen

Air Date
ARD | 26th of January 2021 | 6.50 p.m. 
Director: Oren Schmuckler


Olympian Dagmar Ehwald is found dead in the water on the Grünau rowing course. Only recently, the 35-year-old athlete had qualified for the Olympics in the double sculls with her partner Juliane Spieker. But easy come, easy go: Dagmar Ewald subsequently tested positive for doping substances. Now she was apparently beaten to death.

Juliane Spieker maintains her innocence, although the doping disaster of her former teammate will most likely cost her her Olympic qualification, for which she trained hard. She has long since returned to training with a new partner. Dagmar’s husband, Steffen Ehwald, a busy staff officer in the German Armed Forces, directs suspicion to Dagmar’s trainer, Martin Lubitsch, who is also responsible for the care of the athletes. But was it really about doping or was it murder out of jealousy?


With: Sesede Terziyan, Sarina Radomski, Katharina Behrens, Peter Becker and others.

Image © Saxonia Media | ARD