Dr. Gressmann zeigt Gefühle

Air Date
NDR | 9th of February 2017 | 11.30 p.m.
Director: Niki Stein

Midsummer in Frankfurt: Successful businessman Dr. Philipp Gressmann (Ken Duken) is nearing completion of a million Euro dealwhen his ex-wife calls to insist on him immediately  attending their son Konstantin’s parents’ evening at his school.

On the way to the classroom Philipp meets Dolores Storm (Alwara Höfels), mother to his son’s best friend.

The unlikely pair team up to quest the longest night of the year alongside Indian businessman Ravi (Isaac Dentler), his Australian colleague Steve (Peter Becker) and a horde of bizarre characters .


With: Ken Duken, Alwara Höfels, Peter Becker, Issak Dentler, Edin Hasanovic and many others.


Photo © HR | Arthur W. Ahrweiler