Internet Release
Director: Michael Venus


Nine-year-old Thomas (Max de Mora) lives with his mother (Sandra Hüller). He does not get to see his father Jörg (Peter Becker) very often, but today Jörg has come to take Thomas on an adventure. They decide to go on a fishing trip with Jörg’s outdoorsy friends.

The men build their camp in the middle of the woods, but in the presence of the young boy the men can’t seem to relax. Jörg takes Thomas to a remote fishing spot by the river, where he leaves him on his own and instructs him to catch a large fish before he returns to the group.

When Thomas actually catches an eel, the boy’s frustration and rage are unleashed in uncontrolled violence.


With: Peter Becker, Sandra Hüller, Max de Mora

Photo © Tamtam Film | Marius von Felbert