Tahrib – Die unendliche Reise

Air Date
BR | 29th of November 2016 | 11.50 p.m.
Editor: Thomas Sessner


Germany, 2016: After the so-called ‘summer of refugees’ a kind of disillusionment has set in.Germany is facing a day-to-day life where it is not about open arms, but about realistic solutions. We meet people we do not understand. We develop resentments that are partly hasty, partly unfounded.

How do you behave in such a tense situation?

The transmedia documentary project “Tahrib – The endless journey” starts out telling the story of east african refugees:
In Kenya and the Niger the TV team follows people facing great challenges ahead of them on their way through the Sahara to the Mediterranean. In Libya, people are shown who face an infernal reality behind bars. In Israel we meet fugitives that are living in a kind of limbo – neither having settled in, nor able to move on. And in Istanbul we see refugees about to go to Europe. The doubt whether this is the right way to handle their situation is what connects each of the protagonists.


Voice-Over Artists: Peter Becker and others.

Photo © UFA LAB | BR