WIR – Season 1

Start of filming for Season 1
ZDFneo | 18th of June 2021
Directors: Kerstin Polte, Chris Miera


ZDFneo and ZDF on demand are currently producing a new series with the working title “WIR” in Teltow and the surrounding area. The “neoriginal” tells of a circle of friends in their thirties. Helena, Annika, Emre, Linh and Co. ask themselves the big questions in life and take stock: “Have I achieved my goals? Have my dreams come true? Am I happy or have I taken a wrong path?”.

The pressure to have made it soon weighs heavily. And what does “making it” actually mean? Career, children, house and garden – buzzwords increasingly pressing the clique, introducing the fear of being overtaken and losing touch with oneself.


With: Katharina Nesytowa, Eva Maria Jost, Erol Afşin, Peter Becker and others.

Image © ZDFneo