SOKO Wismar – Deadly Diagnosis

Air Date
ZDF | 24th of February 2016 | 6.05 p.m.
Director: Kerstin Ahlrichs


Usually Dr. Ellen Lindenkamp arrives at her medical practice punctually. But this morning something is wrong. And indeed, the single doctor is found dead in her apartment. She has died as a result of a craniocerebral trauma.
But Ellen Lindkamp’s death is anything but an accident: traces testify to a violent confrontation. The investigators are puzzled. Receptionist Anja Krämer reports of hostility against Ellen Lindkamp. Supposedly her misdiagnosis has led to the death of a patient. Since then the dead patient’s husband has threatened the doctor.

But the last appointment Ellen Lindkamp had was with funeral director Matthias Harthof (Peter Becker). He claims he only met up with her in order to pick up a prescription for his terminally ill wife (Meanie Straub). But then the couple reveal an almost unbelievable story to the investigators.


with: Peter Becker, Melanie Straub, Dominic Boeer and others

Photo © ZDF | Meyerbroeker