Liebe Deinen Feind | Love thy enemy

Air Date
3sat | 27th of August 2015 | 8.15 p.m.
Director: Niki Stein


Postwar summer 1945: The British occupation army has set up its central management on the north beach, a sealed-off  peninsula in the North Sea. Medical assistant Gesa (Katharina Wackernagel) works here along with many other women in a laundry. Her lover Friedrich (Stephan Kampwirth), a former army officer, was interned as a prisoner of war on the mainland. Barbed wire and the cold waters of the North Sea separate the two from each other. Yet they dare to meet secretly  in the high grass on the dunes of the peninsula, as Friedrich regularly swims a dangerous route through the North Sea for Gesa.
But then Gesa falls in love with Captain Simon (Benjamin Sadler), a British officer of German-Jewish origin.
The night that Gesa wants to confess her love for Simon to Friedrich, a fateful incident takes place: In a scuffle English soldier Mark (Peter Becker) is being shot.
Friedrich is under suspicion of murder and comes before a German court martial, where he faces trial and a possible death penalty…


With: Katharina Wackernagel, Stephan Kampwirth, Benjamin Sadler, Peter Becker and many others

Photo © ZDF | Arthur W. Ahrweiler