Disappeared – The M. P. U. – Amoeba Love

Air Date
ZDF | 6th of March 2020 | 9.15 p.m. 
Director: Käthe Niemeyer


During a photo shoot for an advertising contract, Annika Reschke accuses her boss Pascal of sexism in a heated argument. She leaves him angry and then disappears without a trace.

There is much to suggest that Pascal abused her and wanted to cover up his crime. In the relationship with her boyfriend Christoph, the investigators at least see no motive for a crime, although Annika had only revealed to him some time ago that she was asexual.

She didn’t want any physical closeness to anyone anymore. Ira Meyerhöfer, who takes her chance and tries to take Annika’s place as creative director in the advertising agency, nevertheless reports that Annika is pregnant. Potential father of the child could be Steve Roskow, organizer of the asexual regulars’ table. From him the investigators learn that the relationship between Annika and Christoph was not as harmonious as Christoph had told them. The real reason for their disappearance they only find out when they realize who the father of the unborn child is…


with: Hans-Werner Meyer, Jasmin Tabatabai, Aleksandar Radenković, Peter Becker and many others

Image © Novafilm | ZDF