King of the crimson city I

Release | 18th of December 2014
Director: Johanna Steiner


London around 1330. Draper apprentice Jonah Durham grows up with his tyrannical cousin Rupert, who makes his life a living hell. Only his grandmother recognizes his talent and intelligence. She leaves him a handsome fortune, which allows him to not only flee the house of his cousin, but also to be taken on board of the drapers’ guild as youngest member in its history. As a result, he draws the envy of his cousin up, who time and again puts obstacles in his way. When a fateful encounter with young King Edward III. fundamentally changes his life…


Voice-Over Artists: Timmo Niesner, Till Hagen, Vera Teltz, Stefan Kaminski, Detlef Bierstedt, Peter Becker and many others.

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