Intelligence before court – A complaint by the people

Performance Date
Maxim Gorki Theater | 22nd of October 2016 | 7.30 p.m.
Director: Lydia Ziemke


A play between reality and fiction. The reality: The German foreign intelligence service BND has broken laws, deceived his checkers and – together with the NSA – monitored us all.The fiction: The people set a complaint which is being negotiated before court.

If you believe the intelligence, security can not be guaranteed without emails and phone calls nationwide being monitored. But what happens really when the services undermine all controls and interpret laws arbitrarily? Have our intelligence services taken on a life of their own? There’s much to lose if all of us are monitored – and is there anything to win?

In a fictional courtroom people with different attitudes collide. The production is supported by real experts of public life: judges, internet activists, parliamentarians and experts wrestle on stage over issues that play a central role in their actual working life and political work. They deal with questions and allegations that are currently being negotiated in the media and the German Bundestag. What at times of heightened terror threat and technological progress becomes ever more confusing, will be comprehensible negotiated for whom it may concern: the audience.

A project of Humanist Union and Amnesty International


with: Manfred Krause (Former judge at the VG of Schleswig-Holstein), Dieter Deiseroth (Former Judge at the Federal Administrative Court), Rosemarie Will (Former Judge at the Brandenburg Constitutional Court), Constanze Kurz (spokeswoman Chaos Computer Club), Rüdiger Söhnen (Former Judge at the OLG Dresden), Klaus Landefeld (industry association eco), Roland Schäfer (data privacy activist), Hans-Christian Ströbele (senior member of the Parliamentary control panel for intelligence), Peter Becker (bailiff)

Image & Video © Humanistische Union