GLASHAUS – Season 2

Release Date | 17th of December 2015
Director: Johanna Steiner


Data storage, monitoring, criminal organisations and leisure activities. Nowhere opportunities and threats lay closer together than on the Internet. Nowhere boundaries between security and surveillance are more blurred than in the digital world. And nowhere hackers, corporations, criminals and governments deliver harder infighting than in cyberspace. Legendary hacker Godspeed has been defeated but Germany’s lulled into a false sense of security. Hacker attacks on the financial system of the country lead the world into a global Armageddon and threaten to paralyse global economy. While politicians and organised crime still focus on their own power play, one man – between genius and madness – pursues a perfidious plan.
Who is behind the attacks? And how will Glashaus react?


Voice-Over Artists: Dominic Raacke, Sky du Mont, Gunnar Helm, Julia Lowack, Peter Becker and others

Image © Audible