Nibelungen-Festspiele | Worms
31st of July – 16th of August | 8.30 p.m.

Director: Thomas Schadt


There’s uproar amongst the Huns: Kriemhild’s notorious relatives from Burgundy country are approaching.
A great feast is to be celebrated after all these years of separation. And so the ancient stories are being told again: of the strongest men and the most beautiful women, of love and betrayal, of great friendship and bitter betrayal. And of the immense treasure, the stolen gold, which splendor still overshadows everything.

Ortlieb, Kriemhild and Etzel’s son, is excited and curious, he wants to know exactly what it was like with Siegfried and the Dragon, with  strong Brunhilde and Gunther and especially with grim Hagen, who’s still causing his mother to cry each night. Hagen, who defrauded Kriemhild of both her love and her gold. Who appears in her dreams night after night talking to her. And who’s the only one that knows where the Nibelung treasure is hidden …


with: Alina Levshin, Catrin Striebeck, Judith Rosmair, Markus Boysen, Maik Solbach, Max Urlacher, Peter Becker, Heiko Pinkowski and others

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Photos © Marion Bührle