Exzess – The Berlin Audio Play

ARD Audiothek | from 22nd of September 2023
Directors: Noam Brusilovsky and Tobias Purfürst


In their docu-fictional audio play, Noam Brusilovsky and Tobias Purfürst shed light on excessive partying and on the opera stage:

Jessica (Susanna Hurrell) and her boyfriend Brian (Peter Becker) from London make a stop in Berlin during their world tour. For them, a visit to one of these trendy techno clubs in the cool city is a must.

During their world tour, Jessica and Brian make a stop in Berlin, the capital of club culture. Their destination: Berlin’s most famous techno club. On its dance floor, thousands of visitors from around the world move in unison to the beat every weekend. However, partying at TEMPEL is exclusive – limited access. The doorman decides who gets in. Films and photos are strictly forbidden. Excess – from Saturday night to Monday morning. “Club to Death” is the goal of many partygoers, and drugs are definitely part of the scene.

This proves fatal for Jessica. She dies that night from an overdose. Even in the club, her organs fail. The techno opera speculatively narrates the story of dying in the club. The true incident of the death of a clubgoer becomes a technoid epic, and just like in numerous famous death scenes from classical opera, the protagonist sings her tragic “Aria Finale” to the uninterrupted techno set.


Exzess – The Berlin Audio Play on ARD Audiothek

with Susanna Hurrell, Peter Becker, Lisa Hrdina, Rainer Sellien and others.

Image © Anke Beims | rbbKultur