Disappeared – The M. P. U.

Start of filming
ZDF | 6th of May 2019 
Director: Käthe Niemeyer

‘Disappeared – The M. P. U.’ focuses on a team of detectives in the Berlin Criminal Investigation Department whose job is to uncover the fate of people who have disappeared without trace.

The key players in the missing persons squad are chief detective inspector Oliver Radek and his colleagues. Radek and his team research their subjects’ lives in minute detail in order to reveal the truth surrounding the missing people. As archaeologists of human biographies, they pore over endless fragments to create pictures riddled with countless contradictions. Questions can be answered only by becoming intimately familiar with the person they are looking for. Most of their investigations have a happy ending, but even in other cases, the facts they bring to light enable the victims’ loved ones to break free from their suffering.


With: Hans-Werner Meyer, Jasmin Tabatabai, Aleksandar Radenković, Peter Becker and many others.

Image © Novafilm | ZDF