Bis nichts mehr bleibt | Until nothing remains

Air Date
WDR | 31st of May 2016 | 10.10 p.m.
Director: Niki Stein


Frank wants to stay afloat by driving taxis until he has bagged his architecture degree. The final exam and the high expectations of his father let him become desperate. When his friend Gerd opens the door for him to Scientology, Frank accesses willingly.
Suddenly he is taken seriously, starts blossoming and convinces himself and his skeptical wife Gine of Scientology.

The couple sacrifice all their time, energy and money to the organization until Frank realises that his daughter Sarah slips him more and more. When he begins to fight back, Frank  is pressurised by Gine and Scientology. He only sees one way out: fighting for his daughter in court – come what may…


With: Felix Klare, Silke Bodenbender, Peter Becker and many others.

Photo © SWR | Arthur W. Ahrweiler