Atlas Fractured

Art Installation
Dokumenta 14 | Kassel
Artist: Theo Eshetu


Eshetu explores perception, culture, and notions of the sacred through electronic time-based media and optical devices and effects. He draws from anthropology, art history, scientific research, and religion—Catholic, African, Muslim, Buddhist—to explore clashes and harmonies of human subjectivity between world cultures in the global context. Though essentially conceptual, Eshetu’s work is always grounded in compelling aesthetic components, often achieved through fractal repetition, such as through kaleidoscopic mirroring, multi-screen projections, or mosaic-like patterning of images. Several works concentrate on video’s formal components of time and light.


with: Peter Becker, Judith Rosmair and many others.

Photo © Theo Eshetu | Text © Axis Gallery