Alles Klara – Mord nach Stundenplan

Air Date
WDR | 10th of June 2018 | 9.20 a.m. 
Director: Andi Niessner


On Klara’s high school reunion a former classmate is murdered. Paul Kleinert who is called to the scene, is confident that Angie was suffocated with a pillow. Kleinert suspects Marc Höhne (Peter Becker), the former class president and owner of the hotel where the ceremony takes place. He had a violent quarrel with the victim shortly before the time of the crime. Klara does not believe that Angie was suffocated. She discovers a glass in the room of the dead with a lipstick imprint that’s not the same colour Angie wore …


with: Wolke Hegenbarth, Felix Eitner, Alexa Maria Surholt, Peter Becker and others

Photo © ARD